Snapchat is an application for image and video processing on mobile devices. The founders of the program developed the first application as a tool that helps to edit photos on the phone. Over time, additional features were added to the program, which made Snapchat one of the most popular applications. To download Snapchat for free for the official version, you can follow the link that is on our page. 

Program features

  • ability to edit snapshots and images;
  • built-in tools for professional drawing;
  • ability to create collages and memes;
  • interval and serial shooting;
  • creating animated wallpapers.


To successfully install the program on your phone or tablet, follow a simple instruction: 

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents;
  3. find out about supported devices;
  4. find the built-in panel "Download", "Install";
  5. Press the button to install. 

Instructions for using the utility

The program is able to recognize faces and put funny masks on them. This is the most popular feature of the application. To do this, turn on the front camera, click on the center of the face, and a panel with various lenses will appear under it. After creating a photo, you can share the creation with friends or the general public by clicking on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen. The snap can be published as a story, and then it will be in the profile for 24 hours. During this time, the story can be viewed as many times as you want. You can do the opposite. To do this, specify the time limit by clicking on the circle with seconds in the lower left part of the screen, so that only those with whom the user wanted to share it have time to see it.

Recently, the "Memories" section appeared in the software. You can save the snap to review, edit and share later. If the snap is published, you can find out the number of views and the availability of screenshots. To do this, swipe left to get into the "Stories" and click on the round icon "My stories".


Snapchat is a multimedia program, as well as a social network that will turn boring images into interesting and lively pictures.